Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm a head case, hold on tight!

I feel like a headcase lately... I feel like I have a ton of nervous energy bouncing around inside my mind.
It's preventing me from focusing in on any one thing for an amount of time long enough to realize what it is.

I can tell you what it's not... I'm not thinking about parties, or clothing, or cars. I am not thinking about world hunger or politics or theories on "2012". I am not doing anything that I should be doing. I am doing everything I shouldn't be doing. I don't know if I like this.

My head is completely upside down... Give me one good reason why it shouldn't be!... Better yet, give me one good reason why it should and I'll probably just tell you, if I answered this myself... because this is where it wants to be. I want to be looking at the world upside down while I spin round and round.

This is getting old, and I'm dizzy and confused. I'm not on any drugs... It's like.. something snapped and I can't get it to go back together. I have a hard time focusing and most of my communications go from la de da to RAAAH! I don't know what this is... but as soon as it lets up... I'll blog again.

And those are the only words I can formulate into a blog... I bid thee farewell!