Saturday, April 28, 2012

Foodie Vs. Children

I am a foodie, as in I LOVE food (not as in I am a food snob and always buy super expensive stuff like an idiot).
I love vegetables (aside from peas unless they are fresh picked and crunchy then I will eat them) and fruits. I really like seafood basically any way it can be cooked tough I have never tried octopus ... I may just leave that one alone. I like a juicy steak from time to time and I tolerate chicken when it is delicious. I will however eat turkey any day of the week. Turkey and I have a "thing" if ya know what I'm sayin' *wink wink*. I like wheat bread and making things from scratch. I think it gives food the taste of "home" if you can wrap your head around that.
I have basically been like this my entire life (I was a kid you wanted to see sitting at a dining room table because there was no way to fail! But when I was a kid in addition to peas as a dislike I also didn't like carrots or sweet potatoes. Both of which I like now. For me.. it is easier to remember the foods I do not like than it is to remember the foods I love because there are sooooooo many foods out there to be crazy about!

Now... why is this Foodie Vs. children? My kids do not like anything! Well... they all like different things. But they never all like the same thing during the same week. Two of three like macaroni and cheese, one of three really enjoys eating chicken.
Lets do a basic run down:

Meatloaf and Baked Potatoes - They generally hate my meatloaf and I have no idea why! Potatoes are a maybe.
Shrimp Alfredo - Kids don't like shrimp.
Baked Chicken and Green Beans - They don't like to chew chicken? Gavin doesn't like poultry in general most of the time and complains about the green beans.
Fish and Rice with Broccoli - Eww x3 + messy + DO I HAVE TO EAT THE BROCCOLI!?x2
Chicken Fajitas  - God forbid you put a cooked pepper in front of them. They get totally grossed out.
Chicken Feta w/ Peppers and Mushrooms over Pasta - they eat the pasta and cheese... yeah...

Shall we go on??

Roast with Potatoes, Carrots, and Cabbage - They actually do pretty well with this if you hold the carrots and cabbage.
Hamburger Gravy and Mashed Potatoes-  one of them dislikes this... can't remember which one.
Lasagna - Everyone likes it but it's one of those things you don't like to make all the time.

It is seriously frustrating when you have such a love for food and your children do not seem to like anything you try to put in front of them.
I served up some baked chicken tonight. It was parmesan and cracker crumb encrusted and delicious. One liked it. Two kids ate toast. I served no sides because I know how this story goes... I pick it out of the carpet off the chairs and try not to explode while doing so. Seriously, when did times change so much that kids don't eat food anymore?
I don't think it is wise to sneak-feed your kids the foods they need to be eating, like vegetables into mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese. They need to be taught what good foods really are and what they should be eating and what they shouldn't be eating. Like sneaking into my bedroom after dinner because you're hungry and want to stuff your faces with easter candy... not a good idea.

At least they don't eat like they do because that's what they see daddy doing. 
Chicken breasts, yellow squash, and ranch flavored red skin potatoes 
& zucchini bread going in the oven!

What do I do? This is what I have planned for dinner tomorrow 
( I think this picture was from Christmas)

I just want my children to be healthy and strong and full in their little bellies! And maybe even appreciate food to some kind of extent. I don't think this is too much to ask of them.

Most likely they just look at me like this... 
and how can anyone try to force feed a kid this freakin' cute!? 
Yep they make me crazy... and I can't help but love them anyway even with their poor taste in food. Geez! What is this motherhood stuff all about anyway!? lol 

Until next time I'll be walking around in circles in the kitchen trying to toss meals together everyone will like at the same time... Pizza anyone? 

As I Make Yogurt...

Yogurt! I was a bit too little too late with using some from the last batch to start a new one. So I ended up having to buy another container of "starter" from the store rather than using my own... I am going to work on this!

I moved some things around in the house today... Purely for better space usage. With the Pre-Packing for our move in just a couple of weeks I am finding myself overwhelmed by random boxes and needed some spaces to put them without having anxiety attacks every 30 minutes.

Tomorrow my kids will have the chore of cleaning their rooms, which really shouldn't be too terrible since we sorted, pitched, and packed most of their stuff already. But you know kids... it's like their toys breed somehow!? Someone enlighten me! lol

In other news... we got a Keurig because my compulsive coffee drinking was becoming a health problem. Well... it would have been a serious health problem if I keep it up at that rate. Anyway, let me just say this thing is amazing! The coffee is flavorful and fresh. It doesn't have that burnt taste from setting because, you make one cup at a time. I am not sure if this is good for my compulsive coffee drinking. Ya know because it simply tastes so good.

(... And then I started watching Desperate Housewives and forgot to click publish. Oops!)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Clutter and Moving

I have found myself longing for organization in our home but in the middle of prepping for a big move I don't seem to know where to begin. 

I guess I could get all the "extras" (you know, the things that are not going to be needed until after we get moved) packed up in the house and then organize what is left. This is so conflicting. Also, not knowing where to begin has me sitting in the living room drinking coffee thinking... *oh my... I don't know what to do... nothing? Nothing sounds good. MMM coffee, ooh Pinterest.* This is a naughty little cycle I fear.

So yeah, the extras is where I will start. Pack up the extras in one room, clean it. Move to the next? Kids rooms are done... I'm not sure if that is a dent or not in the grand scheme of things. But... the living room is getting there and then I will move into my bedroom and attack... after that, maybe the rain will be gone and I can get back to packing, sorting, and organizing in the garage.

Have a lovely weekend! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Tim Burton Themed Bedroom

My 5 year old daughter absolutely loves the child friendly Tim Burton movies. Because of this I am exploring bedroom options related to Tim Burton's films.
Corpse Bride, Beetlejuice, Coraline, Nightmare Before Christmas... She likes them all. I am personally leaning more toward Coraline (Even  my two year old daughter raves over "WARA-LINE!") but now that I'm looking at all the things on Etsy... I just don't know what to do. We must not forget about Alice in Wonderland, you could really do an amazing job if you were to theme a little girl's room around Alice in Wonderland.

I need help planning this one. But I am SUPER excited and I can't wait.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Homemade and Wonderful!

In the past 24 hours I have successfully made yogurt and peanut butter! I'm feeling pretty awesome about this I should tell you. So, I'm going to share the recipes. 


1/2 gal milk (I used 2% I read you at least need 1% milk fat for it to work)
1 Tablespoon yogurt starter (Plain Yogurt with active cultures)
1/2 cup powdered milk (I read one recipe with and one without... I will try this without next time as I do not understand it's necessity)

Mix together milk and dry milk powder in large pan, bring to 180 degrees.
Cool to 110-115 degrees (there may be a film on the top, remove it).
NOTE: Make sure your milk is below 120 degrees before the next step because you could kill off the active cultures in the yogurt starter. You need them to make yogurt :)
Remove about 1/2 cup of warm milk mixture add starter yogurt to this. Mix well.
When combined add to pan. Mixing side to side and up and down.

Now your yogurt-to-be needs to incubate for 6-12 hours. I turned my oven on briefly while I was bringing the milk to 180 degrees. The goal is to keep your yogurt at 105 degrees for 6 + hours.

I placed a lid on my pan and wrapped it up in a large bath towel and placed it into the oven. ( Make sure your oven is not too hot for this if the live cultures become too hot they will die.) I also left the light on inside to ensure some kind of heat source. I was skeptical but this worked! (I did this over night I guess cultures do not like to be disturbed while at work!)
Drain off the whey(watery stuff - google other ways to use this). Package and store!

Homemade yogurt has a sweeter taste than store bought yogurt (which I sometimes find to be bitter and chalk-like). Also store bought yogurt is thicker because of the use of pectin. Without pectin homemade yogurt is not as thick so if you decide to try this, do not be alarmed, this is normal!!! 


Peanut Butter!

12 oz roasted peanuts salted or unsalted ( I went with unsalted)
2-3 Tablespoons coconut oil- melted
Honey to taste - Optional

In food processor chop peanuts into a super minced consistency, keep going.
Add melted coconut oil, start with two tablespoons and add more if necessary.
When well mixed taste and decide on if you need/want to add honey.
I added about 3 tablespoons of honey.
    When taste and consistency to your liking is achieved, transfer your peanut butter into a glass jar.
Store in fridge for best "keeping" but mine is sitting on the counter waiting to see if it separates.

So there you have it another blog (with pictures this time!) and another way to smile at my amazing neurotic ways. ~ xox

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Neurotic and Crunchy!!! Look out!

I am fast realizing that I have been lecturing people lately. I have been neurotic about making the people I love and care about live healthier lives! Like completely off my rocker on the inside screaming and throwing things but on the outside calmly explaining facts and information. So many people simply do not care about themselves. Sometimes I feel like my words go disrespected and without regard.
Crunchy is a term used to describe a person, action, or lifestyle that is more "natural" or hippie-like. I believe this started because an all natural diet is very crunchy literally, think of a fresh picked apple, bell pepper, carrot, or nuts.
I have been looking up ways to make more things from scratch or almost scratch.

Today I made a coffee body scrub (here is the recipe I used) and in the past week I have been taking down ideas and recipes. I also made homemade toothpaste a few days ago that has been pretty awesome. I am having some problems keeping all of my lists organized. I am considering starting a filing system, yes seriously. I can't hold them all in my head so maybe all my lists and ingredients need to get organized and sorted into the filing cabinet. Who knows!

Note: I started this yesterday... and before it gets closed out and forgotten again.. I'm posting it. :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Coupons or Homemade Savings

I was in the kitchen looking around when I saw some coupons on the counter for Burger King. We wouldn't even have these junk food coupons but they have coupons for a free small fruit smoothie and a free small frappe.  I am a sucker for ice cold coffee drinks and my smoothie making habits at home have become pretty darn regular!
Anyyyyway, I was thinking about putting the coupons into the file cabinet with my other random coupons. I decided against it. They'll never get used if I do that, just like all the other coupons in there.
Then I got to thinking about those people who are crazy, er uh "extreme" couponers. I don't think I would want to spend that much time sifting through ads, newspapers, clipping coupons and comparing them to store prices and fliers. Then planning out a special shopping trip so I could save money on items I wouldn't buy on a regular basis.  I gotta hand it to anyone who is a devoted coupon clipper, you have more motivation than I do.

I wouldn't mind finding coupons for razors, windex, or even yogurt. Maybe I just need to investigate this coupon craze a bit further before I completely rule it out as a way to save money.

I don't know who my frequent readers are(if I have any), but if you coupon what are your coupon sources? Best places to shop?

My concern is that I am trying to start living a more natural lifestyle with my family. More homemade goodness less processed foods in our diets. Couponing generally promotes buying ridiculously artificial items, from what I have seen at least.
At what point is couponing worth it? Is couponing more financially rewarding than making homemade items? Which costs more time?

Personally I feel like I would rather take my time and turn it into homemade goodness not a bunch of coupons organized into pockets based on type and expiration date. Who knows...
Suggestions my friends? 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

On a Mission - Survival is Crucial

I am fast realizing that this summer is going to be very difficult with my three children. I have a very strong feeling that they are going to drive me completely insane and you may find me running through town shouting random words and phrases that mean nothing at all to you, if you were to hear me doing this.

So, I am on a mission to find things for my kids to do to keep them from fighting with each other and from making me throw my marbles down the drain willingly.
If you are wondering, YES it is the first day of yet another holiday vacation that is creating this necessary mission. I can handle weekends. Saturdays are horrible but Sundays are a little more mellow plus I have my partner in crime by my side to blow whistles and make judgement calls with me. Kids are like wolves... they are more likely to attack one person than they are to attack two. But, an entire summer of children who are soooooo bored is not going to work for me.

I am picturing playdoh on the deck, sprinklers spraying in the yard, popsicle stained faces and swimsuits, and myself... flyswatter in hand chasing them through the house, all of us sopping wet, with one side of my face drastically sagging into my neck and the other side colliding with my forehead. Ok, maybe it won't be this bad.  hahaha but this is most definitely how I will feel if I don't have a plan.

I do intend to keep them busy, teaching them about gardening as we put the garden in, weed it, water it, and finally harvest it. I also have a "Summer Fun List" started but that's all family activities. I need some to-fill-the-days activities without hearing "I'm bored" or "there's nothing to do" or "MOM!".
I have even mentally organized a list of things I would like to do this summer. We will all be very busy but you know damn well we're not going to be busy enough to make three kids content.

Thanks to I already have a lot of ideas bookmarked. Now, to turn it into an organized list of things to do!

I also intend to teach my kids more about how it is OK not to have anything to do. In this fast paced world they for some reason seem to think they have to be doing something at all times (which is good if you are working, your boss is a Hitler wannabe and you would like to keep your job).
~I explained to them earlier "it is ok not to have anything to do. This does not mean that you come to me and ask me for something to eat or drink every 10 minutes. Stop and think about what you could be doing instead of fighting and being exceptionally needy(no I do NOT keep cookies up my butt!). You could read, draw, write, play together, or go outside. If you want to make crafts I can set you up with some to make.~

I don't know if I'll ever get through or if I'll make it.. but I'll be sure to blog again!

Happy Easter!