Saturday, September 8, 2012

Simplifying Spaces

I started my day like any other, coffee. It was directly after this I was abruptly reminded of the messes the kids make the excess of toys and how I need to make them listen and clean their crap up.
I wasn't too thrilled to be starting my day with a list of complaints and I moved on drank my coffee cooked breakfast and went about my morning as usual really. Feeling quite annoyed with everyone at the same time mind you.
I was upset that my children pretty much refuse to follow directions, orders, or requests of any kind. I was upset that I was practically being scolded for their lack of listening. But I refused to allow myself to become upset over it too much or too angry at any one person. I accept partial responsibility and I acknowledge what needs to change.
So when my dear boyfriend left for work I made a cup of coffee and decided to pack up the majority of my kids toys.
Most of my brilliant ideas are thought up over a sweet cup of coffee.
I let the kids keep their favorite toys and their newest toys. I moved all educational toys and artsy toys to the office and I cleaned out their closests. I did recruit my children to help me and they did so pretty well.
They are thrilled to have less toys. When my son told me that his room was awesome and thanked me I smiled and said "less is more". I don't know that he understood but he smiled back and went back into his room to play.
But even with bins and boxes around me I could feel the tension dissipating from their rooms.
I am hoping this makes it a little easier for everyone.
The extra bins are headed for the attic, just as soon as I finish my coffee!

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