Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Being Three and Cute as Can Be!

My littlest child stands near me, playing with little bottles of acrylic paints she snagged from my crafty things. She is singing and playing and making them talk to each other... like toys.
And so I say to her "Why don't you go play with your pet shops?"
 "No, they're mean." She tells me.
I responded with "They are mean? Why?"
Simply put she tells me "They poop on me."

She makes me smile.

Like last night, Daddy says to her "Can I pick your nose?"
And she tells him, "No, your fing-ar* is bigg-ar*."
He reasons a little. And she tells him "You pick your own nose!"
We all had a good laugh.

This one is very outspoken and is quite the clown at times.

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