Friday, February 22, 2013

She's Not Bulletproof

I'm far from perfect in the sense that, if someone was coming to visit, I would make my bed, but any other day of the week it is a mess. 

I am trying and I am sinking. Like quick sand.
The more you try to pick yourself up the more it sucks you down.

My youngest child is having some issues. My oldest child is having problems too. The middle kiddo, she's skipping without missing a step, unless of course if you count the allergy issues. *sigh*

I am getting calls, being questioned. And forever I am doubting my own parenting.
You know, the number ONE thing that I do with my time as a stay at home mother. Perhaps I am being selfish when I'm saying/thinking "WHY is this happening to ME!?". It could always be worse and our little problems aren't really so bad at all.

I feel this. This is real to me. This is my reality and it's sucking me under with every step that I take.