Saturday, January 31, 2015

1920s History Submersion

We dedicated one entire day to the 1920s.
It was fun and we will be doing a day dedicated to the 1930s in the near future!

But for now...
We discussed medical inventions like the BAND-AID which was in fact unpopular in the beginning and very large. Three inches wide and eighteen inches long! Over time they became the Band-Aids we know today!
Reeses and Baby Ruth candy bars were brought to us in the 1920s so of course we ate some.


The Caesar Salad also found its beginning in the 1920s. Together the kids read directions and made this salad. Gavin discovered it to be the only salad he enjoys! Perhaps this has something to do with participating in making it?

I prepared snacks for a Mocktail Party and we picked some music to play. Prohibition is still very much in session but they had a great time pretending and so did we! We talked about alcohol, prohibition, voting, and speakeasies. They also learned some of the lingo used. 

A common dessert was orange gelatin with whipped cream. Which sold in restaurants for 15 cents.
For lunch the kids were given pretend money and "ordered" their sandwiches and drinks as they would have from a restaurant. We then discussed money and inflation. The things on a menu which would have been expensive at that time and what those same foods cost now.

I also realized that taking down an order for a sandwich was much easier than asking kids what the want on sandwiches as I'm making them. They all want to speak at the same time and jump around and repeat themselves thus confusing mama. So we put this into practice and maybe my kitchen is a restaurant! But at least my kids aren't jumping around like animals KETCHUP! MAYO! MAMA ... what about pickles? I like pickles, do you like pickles? *sings about pickles* - You know how it is mamas!

So, after the salad the snacking the candy and the mocktails, dancing to 20s music and filling brains with information, this happened. She was certain she wasn't going to make it and blamed it on sugar. 
I think she was right. Poor kid.

Until next time!

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