Saturday, January 24, 2015

Another Life Lately

Life Lately ... again

We've been working at moving around rooms in the house. Is that normal? Or do we have too much space and time on our hands? I could just be restless like that. I seem to torture my husband continuously with moving things around. Anyways, our "front room/dogs room" is now becoming space for books crafts and my computer. I have to say it looks and feels great. You know how when you walk into a room and the atmosphere is just, hell yeah! This room has got it going on! The kids have been really enjoying it, playing the board games and using crafts. I think it is just more welcoming to them.

One set back... We have to set up an appointment to get a new connection in the room for our internet. Dish stole the line for our tv? Switched it outside at the box as opposed to setting up their own... I'm not very amused.  

My office is becoming a play room. We're going to try out not having toys in kids rooms and see how it works out for them.

In continuing to work on donations/minimizing/liberating from our bursting at the seams house we tackled our closet, my clothes and my husband's. Apparently I "squirrel away" things in the closet. I found an unopened box of contact lenses, which means the eye appointment I've needed all month is getting pushed back. I also found long lost leggings, too many belts, and multiple children's teeth. I'm not going to know who's teeth are whose... does that stuff even matter? Do people keep kids teeth? My son has informed me that he thought that I just threw them away. Maybe that's a sign?

With cleaning up, cleaning out, and moving around the house I have other plans in mind as well. The girls room is getting a full make over. I'm excited to get to it and I think they will love it. My son's room will be getting a lift as well but his will come next.

After 9 months of embracing a vegetarian diet and a few long conversations we've decided to include meat in our diets again. I don't have excuses for such a decision. It really just seemed like the best option for our needs, dietary and otherwise. I still fully support vegetarian and vegan diets/lifestyles, no ifs ands or buts about it! I've always played a fairly neutral role with these sorts of decisions because it is so personal. We spent the last week enjoying the meals and meats that we had missed. Rachel - the very worst aspiring vegan. 

I have been reading about the Whole30 and I believe I will be setting a start date in the near future. It kind of eliminates all those extra terrible things(sugar, grains and legumes) that have taken over my diet lately or made me feel awful.

That's life lately for us.
How are you? What have you been doing? Do you have any projects this year?Are you on a new diet in this new year?

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