Monday, December 31, 2012

Gluten Information For YOU

Here are some simple links to more information about wheat allergy, gluten intolerance, and celiac disease.

Wheat allergy information, Click Here.

Gluten sensitivity information, Click Here.

Celiac Disease information, Click Here.

Some other reads:

Gluten Free Diet Information and Charts

Because People Won't Understand

And Recipes!

Rice Pasta!

More information coming soon!

P.S. "Fad Diets" of being Gluten Free piss me off, people do not understand it at all. This is an entirely new lifestyle for someone who is unable to eat gluten for whatever reason. Don't be a jackass. And DO NOT tell someone that they are "lucky" that they can't eat gluten. Seriously? LUCKY?!? You my friend, are an idiot if you think this. Imagine not being able to eat pancakes, macaroni and cheese, cookies, cake, pasta, bread. Unless of course you pay lots of money and like the "weird tasting" alternatives. Just... don't tell someone they are lucky because they cannot eat wheat.

Limiting gluten for health reasons on the other hand is awesome. Gluten is bad for everyone.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Words from this Crazy Lady to a Friend

One of my friends is having a down and unmotivated day.
She was feeling overwhelmed with all that mom stuff that has to be done.
I told her: 

~Don't focus on what you think you *should* be doing. J
ust do whatever you do and reflect about it later.
Don't tell yourself "I should do laundry" or "I should be cleaning the _____"
What you're doing is creating negative feelings.
Just think back to all the "should's" and tell them all to fuck off and you're doing what you WANT to do today. Do laundry if you WANT to...or do it without thinking. 
I have been making myself just do things, go through the motions, not thinking about it. I didn't vacuum for almost 2 weeks.... lol because every time I started thinking about vacuuming I was getting the "should" feeling and felt angry and pathetic.
So I vacuumed when I could walk up to the vacuum and just do it.
Not everything works like that.. but there are a lot of things that you can put off until your frame of mind is in a better place with it.
I had actually noticed that my negative feelings were affecting the kids most when I was running on high and taking care of all the things that I *should* take care of.
I was getting resentful and irritable. I started bitching at the kids and told them, "I have to do (and named of a dozen things)" which made them feel negatively and it was all just a big ball of sad stuff. So my carpets are no longer getting scrubbed endlessly. The dishes WILL wait till morning. The oven WILL be crusty. And I WILL be happier.~ 

Don't judge... you couldn't even tell I hadn't vacuumed... no idea how that actually worked out but it did.