Saturday, June 23, 2012

While I was making a chore chart

My creative juices were flowing while trying to make up a chore chart... and I ended up with this!

Chores and Things
I pick up my toys morning noon and night
I put away my things so they can sleep tight

Gavin will practice Reading and Math
And Cam will do her A B Cs
And we'll try to teach Arayla where to go pee!

We will be polite, kind, and respectful too
This is what our parents want us to do
And we'll have lots of fun, they don't mind if we do  
But we better not fight or Mommy's face will turn blue!

We are very good kids, and we will help when we can
We'll play outside a lot and clean up when we're done
Summer is, after all, lots and lots of fun! 

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