Thursday, April 4, 2013

Unguided-Unstructured Education for One

I thought that putting my littlest child into preschool would help her. I also thought that it would help me too. I desperately needed to get a couple hours here and there to myself. I thought that a more structured environment would be good for her. That she would observe other kids, and listen to her teachers and she might be easier to direct at home as a result.
I was wrong.

My little girl loved school, her teachers, and her new friends. But she began regressing developmentally at home. All that potty training... well that went right out the window. I tried my hardest to endure this but I was failing. So, after months of regression with potty training we pulled her from school. She has since improved. Her behavior seems to be improving as well.

It is now that I realize how wrong I was about my child needing "more structure". What she needed was for me to become less structured too in order to understand her and meet her needs.
I am entirely too organized sometimes in life.
I am controlling and if I can't "control" (or give myself the illusion that I am in control of) the situation or circumstances well then I become an extremely anxious crazy lady.

So now dear readers, the point: I am going to be providing my dear child with her preschool education in the fall. 
I am putting together ideas, resources, and an education "plan". Or unplanned education; perhaps she'll guide me.

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