Sunday, May 18, 2014

Goodbye Jabby Bras!

When you grow up its the small things (I'm so punny, you'll see...) that matter most.
Like new underwear and bras that don't jab you.

Or maybe you just know you're old when you squeal with excitement when you see your package of bras and underwear is on the front porch under your mail box.This could be true. I'm not ashamed.

They are sitting on the porch in mail packaging because when you know what you want and where you'll get it and exactly what size you need. There is very little reason to go to the mall unless your spontaneously shopping. You see now, you start getting more practical with age. 

But this feels like Christmas! I absolutely love Aerie lingerie. I highly recommend Aerie to all my lady friends who's breasts we talk about to each other... you know those friends!  :)

I'm a small busted lady and it is important to find the right bra for such a small job. Because lets face it, ladies with small breasts struggle to find a bra that grabs onto those little babies and holds them tightly where they need to be. The right bras allow a woman to buy the right kinds of clothing for her body type.

Bras make us feel great through to the bitter end. When you're standing there over the trash can, broken worn down bra in hand and it is time for a final goodbye, you wonder to yourself many things. Maybe I can keep this jabby bra for days when I'm in the garden sweating. What if I run out of bras and have nothing to wear and there is an emergency and I need to be wearing a bra for it... it could happen... right?

So here you have it... and I will eternally want more.
Realizing I could have arranged these to look like a funky rainbow... until next time...

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