Friday, December 5, 2014

Bittersweet Farewell and Hello Again!

I've shared the following message on Facebook all week and for easy linking I'm sharing again like I said I would!
"I've decided that I will be walking away from Facebook until further notice. I have been feeling a tugging to step away for a little while now and I'm going to listen.
We have a home phone, no cell phone, texting our home phone will not be productive, message me for the number at which you can call me. I have an email address too,  and there is a chat option in there if you have gmail too.
I'm going to take more time to write and blog,  so you can check in on what's going on there(just subscribe, it's easy :) ).
We are also kind of on YouTube... I'm trying to get better at it.
Oh and instagram if you like pictures of food, homeschool things, rats and pitbulls @raelafaye
Also feel free to send me cool ideas on pinterest!
Happy Holidays  
eel free to link me to your accounts and blogs and awesome things. Emails and phone numbers too!"

The official "Dear John Letter" if you're curious mind is wondering ...

Dear Facebook,
I'd tell you it was me not you, but I'd be lying. It is you. You see, I have a problem. A very real problem, a need for information. And as we both know, there is better information than what you're bringing to this relationship. I am a compulsive reader you should know by now. With my clicking habits what they are, good or bad, happy or sad, if there is something to be read, I'm clicking. I'm learning so much but some days I'm uncontrollably sad and irritable. I'm angry with you and angry with myself. I wonder if I am wasting valuable passion and energy.
I have a love hate relationship with you. Oh the people I have met, the wonderful beautiful people! The people with their ideas and passions that make my soul happy for knowing them. Seeing their dreams unfold fills my heart with love. Getting to share in their joy through you, Facebook, has been great.
But now I have to focus on myself and my family. I have to write more and feel and dream. I have to make magic and share wonder. I have to stop being distracted and using my precious energy on whatever whims you carry me away on. I'm holding myself accountable and walking away.
Maybe it isn't you at all, maybe it is me. And that, old friend, that's ok too.

I look forward to spending more time writing. Let me know you're here now and then with a comment.  


  1. So glad to see you blogging again Rachel, I SO enjoy reading what you write ...
    (Peggy Nelson >FB friend<)

    1. Thanks Peggy! Writing is absolutely refreshing to my soul.