Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ask and you shall receive! - Diet Blog!

Starter Meal Ideas!!!!
Italian bread toast with fresh fruit
Oatmeal/Cream of Wheat
Orange Juice & Eggs
Half of a bagel and a banana
Wrap- scrambles eggs, cheese, onion, green peppers, mushrooms (mix it up to you liking) and wrap in a tortilla(I don't like the whole grain tortillas but... I urge you to try it)!

Salad with bread
Rice with onions and black beans
Left overs from dinners

Pasta with sautéed onions garlic and fire roasted diced tomatoes(It really is as simple as it sounds)
Lentil Soup with bread
Cheesy Potato Soup
Veggie Lasagna
Shrimp Alfredo w/ veggie packed pasta
                veggies: sweet potatoes, green beans, corn, carrots, asparagus, spinach fresh or steamed
                Add ins: onions, garlic, lemon juice(from real lemons), tomatoes, shredded cabbage,

Dried fruit and nut mix
Waffle with peanut butter
Celery Carrots with dip
Small salad with fruits(fresh or dried), nuts, and seeds
Do not add salt during cooking unless it's for pasta. Chances are you'll forget you want it once you start eating.
I use real butter but do so sparingly. Real butter is more natural and I feel that while it is high in calories, it is less synthetic than margarine is, thus making it the healthier choice (to me anyway).
Prepare snack ahead of time you are less likely to grab something not so healthy for you if you have dried fruit waiting for you in it's own little premeasured baggie!
Use whole grain brown rice not white rice.
Take Vitamin C daily. It helps to promote weight loss and is great for your immune system.
"Grazing" is terrible. Just sit down and eat a meal!
Never, finish your child's left overs. Calories add up and you don't even realize it!
Top salads with low fat dressings. I found a balsamic vinaigrette dressing that has 15 calories 0 fat calories! It's delicious. No creamy dressings like ranch. You'll just be insulting your salad!
Switch to low fat milk.
Vinegar helps to slow the process of digestion thus making you feel fuller longer! (I put it on steamed spinach and it's delicious and of course in my salad dressings.)
When you become hungry eat a salad first.
Drink 8-12 ounces of water before every meal and 16 ounces before you even start your day!
Green tea is good for you. Buy locally made honey- you support local working people, if you have any seasonal allergies it will help, and it's not likely to be contaminated with horrible nasty chemicals that you see on the tv!
Put onions on top of salads. Purple(or red?) onions are the best for you nutritionally and they can be used for anything. Onions have the most nutritional values while they are raw. You should never pre-cut onions for later use, in this state you are more likely to get sick from them. (I don't quite remember if they attract bacteria or what it is... just don't do it)
If you're a meat eater go with lean meats! No piggies!

So, this is what I have so far, I may come back and add to this blog or just start a new one! I hope that you found this helpful. 

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  1. Kraft Free dressings are delicious! I prefer the Kraft Free Zesty Italian not only for salads but to marinade chicken, steak, mix it in with your steamed rice, italian roasted potatoes, the list goes on!! :)