Friday, December 30, 2011

Environmental Awareness, Make it a New Year's Resolution!

Environmental Awareness
                We're all guilty of not treating the environment with the utmost care and consideration at one time or another.
                I am asking you to, before you make your next purchase, ask yourself where this item is going to be at in a year? Five years? Ten years? Do you really need it or will it just be another thing that you set aside after a few months to collect dust and ultimately end up in a landfill?
                I am vowing to only buy items that enrich my life! Think about it... if it doesn't enrich your life, what is it really worth? (Ok so maybe toilet paper isn't going to enrich my life directly, but it will keep my tushy clean and that could be pretty enriching right?! ^_^)
                There are so many things that people buy simply because of the instant gratification they feel in that moment. If you have ever watched an episode of Hoarders where the hoarder seems to have a shopping addiction you will understand this point well. You look around and see tons of items still in shopping bags and with price tags on.
                Let's be honest here,  raise your hand if you have something around your home, brand new and never used/worn, possibly with the tags on it.... I know you're out there! I am so guilty of this, I sometimes buy things because I might have somewhere to wear it in the far off distant future if all my lucky stars line up. I realized this morning that I have a dress, a couple pairs of leggings, two swimsuits, and about 4 shirts I have only worn one or two times each (ya know the kind you buy because you actually do have a certain place to be with a date and a time) and what's worse is that some things I have not worn yet at all.
                Make it a new year's resolution to think before you buy and make other environmentally friendly choices along the way!  I will!!!

Have a happy and safe New Year's Eve! See you again in 2012!!! (Unless something brilliant hits me sometime tomorrow and I blog again!)

xoxo Rae 

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