Monday, March 17, 2014

Confidence, Humility and Other Personal Attributes

If a person is confident in what they are doing, very little will allow them to see that a different perspective could be useful.

I make it a point to be a confident but receptive parent and wife. I have the good sense to admit if something simply is not working and move on. I will always want what is best for my children even if that means I was wrong. And believe me, I have been wrong many times. I am accepting in my flaws so that I may continue to do better. I am, however, confident enough in my choices that I do not need to defend them to anyone.

I exercise humility daily, this is how I grow. This is how I grow as a mother, as a wife, and as a person. It is imperative to me to continue to improve myself in whatever areas reveal to me that improving is desired.

When I am feeling insecure or judged I first acknowledge that I am my own worst critic and I am probably feeling this way for a good reason. I also recognize that comparing myself and what I do to others is not always relevant or a very good idea. If someone invokes thought and consideration into us, it often means something and should not be dismissed. When I am being a blindly confident parent I do not leave room for progress and that is not fair to anyone. Least of all is it fair to my children or to my husband.

If I am not working toward self-development I am standing motionless. I do know that I want to improve, always. I will also change my mind often and that is acceptable too.

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