Saturday, April 5, 2014

Planting Seeds Growing Food

Spring is here!We are trying to expand our garden this year and that starts with seeds! We worked together to start our seeds.
They really loved the cool water bottle that their dad made for them by poking a hole in the cap. Cambria helped to water the seeds once they were planted. 

Arayla really wants to grow healthy and strong.
She is excited to be growing her own food. 

We may have dropped a few seeds into the wrong places.
"Oops is that ok?"
It sure is! :)

We'll be having zucchini and squash.
Green onions. 

Tomatoes and peppers too! 

 We have been discussing nutrition for science/health topics. What better way to bring a discussion about good food choices into life than with a garden!
Gavin is a very precise seed planter. He helped with some of the smaller seeds. Like the bok choy.

Stay tuned for more in the garden fun!

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