Thursday, April 17, 2014


Firstly I must tell you. I am the very proud owner of a Vitamix blender (I am not getting paid for this). A blender I have lusted over for the past two years.
True story.

December 31, 2012 - HAPPY NEW YEAR - we bought a NutriBullet which I liked a lot. But we bought this because I felt insane for wanting such an expensive blender.
After 11 months the seal became weak and smoothie leaked all down inside the NutriBullet.
The motor is fine. But the gears are stuck and sticky and just a mess. I cleaned it up as best I could. Which was not very good at all because smoothie dried under plastic and I stored it away in the original packaging because I save the boxes and inserts/receipts until the warranty expires. I am THAT person. Guilty!
Tediously saving these things got my Keurig replaced when it broke within 90 days of purchase. Take that box-thrower-awayers!

I'm hoping to give it a new home with someone who will take it apart and clean it up!

Oh yes... Vitamix .... I feel like a jingle belongs here...
Vitamix Vitamix blends and crushes Vitamix makes life so wonderfullllllll and delicious.... moving on....

The Vitamix is a large blender. It likely will not fit under cabinets.
I knew this and picked a good location to put it.
I keep the container and tamper in the cabinet above the base. I also keep two bottles of water in there in the event that I don't have any readily filtered. 
With the Vitamix Blender I also received this recipe book, also amazing!
Additionally included was a getting started DVD (didn't watch it yet) and some instruction manuals.

Smoothies for everyone!
My photography skills/equipment are extremely limited but I'm trying guys! I'm trying.

This is some Watermelon Lemonade I made. Stay tuned for more pictures and a recipe!

We use our Vitamix 2-4 times a day and are so satisfied with our purchase. What's more, we bought a certified reconditioned blender. I trusted what others said about them being just like new and the warranty is still amazing(5 years instead of 7)! It saved us hundreds of dollars and everyone likes that!

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