Saturday, April 5, 2014

Arts and Fun (Woah! 100th Blog!)

 Art Stuff

Because you have to do it, even if you're not very good at it yourself!
We've worked on some pointalism projects.
They really just wanted to finger paint. After they got that out of their systems they were able to do the project.

 We have had some fun with clay too.

Gavin and Cambria both found the hardest part
 to be deciding what to make.

Arayla didn't have that problem so much. 
She started rolling and squishing right away.
 Gavin made these guys. It is related to minecraft videos he watches on youtube. I am supposed to email this to the person who does the videos. I need to get to it! (I'm pretty sure someone snagged extra clay from his sisters.)
 Cambria made this little chick egg critter.
Arayla made this person. 
We have also worked on bean mosaics.
I'm pretty sure we got beans everywhere!
The girls made cats.
Gavin made a tree and a rain cloud.

We roll balls of cute little dough! 
 We bake....
 We yoga!
 We picnic inside when it snows!

We take selfies.

We look excited when getting ready to prank each other.

We hang out!

P.S. After publishing this blog post I noticed it is my 100th blog.
I had completely missed that detail until posting.
Though it has taken a while to actually write that many I am still pretty excited!
Thank you for reading.

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