Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Woah Motivation

So, I'm thinking and searching and inspired in so many different directions right now.

The focus... working from home.
This is something that I seriously want to do and for some reason I'm not getting off on the best start with my homemade stuff. I really do have a hard time keeping myself motivated I suppose - confession #1. I also get so many ideas going in my head at once that it just seems to be difficult to sit down and make product "x" because I'm thinking of project "z" (yes 2 steps ahead)- confession #2. Is this attention deficit disorder perhaps? (Yeah I mentioned that in my intro blog, consider yourself warned. ^_^)

So... A home based business that everyone could use and benefit from. It has to be affordable and it has to be something people will want to try, buy, or keep forever.

So this is the part.... where you fine people tell me what interests you!?

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