Friday, September 30, 2011

Not LEEPing for joy but I am relieved.

So I wanted to update how my LEEP went on Wednesday.

Let me just start off by saying that I was really nervous. If you have to have this done I suggest taking someone with you who makes you stronger when you're feeling weak. For me it was my boyfriend who went with me.

The procedure was very fast, they first put some stuff on the cervix to highlight the area(s) that is affected. This does feel like some mild burning (they do the same thing for the colposcopy).
The speculum is larger than for a regular pap exam which makes it pretty uncomfortable. After this... 3-4 injections were put into my cervix to numb it all around this also contained a medicine to limit bleeding. It makes your heart race, legs shake, and for me my ears were ringing. I told the doctor, and nurses that I felt like I was in a video game. I have never done drugs and so this was about the closest I got to doing drugs and it was pretty awesome. haha I read that some women didn't like it at all and said that it was the worst part with the heart racing and what not. For me... I think it helped!
I did feel the injections and it burned but it is nothing that can't be handled! Once I was numb I felt nothing. I even asked the doctor to test to be sure I was fully numb before the slicing/burning began. Also, before the procedure started I made the nurse promise that I wouldn't feel anything and that if I did... they would stop and numb me more. lol I didn't feel any of it, I only knew what was going on because I was being told. When the areas were being "finished" I felt it, it was like a faint scrape feeling. After it was finished I asked to look at the pieces of my cervix which was pretty neat.
It was all done and over with within like 15 minutes. The weird affects of the injections lasted a while longer.
The day of and day after were crampy and somewhat uncomfortable. Definitely have to SIT down and not plop down and some sitting positions made me feel "tender". I have experienced no bleeding at all! 

It will take the lab 3-5 days to evaluate the removed areas and get back to me to know if the margins are "clear" or "not clear"(so I will know between Monday & Wednesday). If they are clear then all of the precancerous cells were removed. I think that if the margins are not clear they will just watch and wait to see if my body can clear it up on it's own. I was also told that it is not uncommon to have abnormal paps for the next 2 years and let me tell you, that is good to know before they come back abnormal! At least I know to expect it and not to over react or freak out! Lucky me... I just get more gynecological action than "normal pap people". haha.

I'm really happy to be putting this behind me and I was told that it would not affect my ability to get pregnant or carry a baby to full term. So if that road is in our future... all should be well. 

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