Thursday, September 1, 2011

The D Word

That's right, drama! 
I think that the biggest problem with society and the cause of drama is the lack of will in others to mind their own business. Everyone seems to think that they need to get involved with anything that may not be the way they would do it.

We all do things differently. I raise my children differently than you or her or they do. I don't have a career. I have a ton of dreams that may never happen. So does it make it wrong for me to raise my children my way because it is not how someone else would do it? No, it just makes my family different. We're all unique and we're not all career moms! I'm surely not a career mom, not yet anyway. And I also generally refer to myself as a mum not a mom, it's a family thing. 

Are you going to get all over dramatic because I don't work? Because I stay home with my children and tend to their needs and house work? I'd surely hope not. It's my life not yours.
And if you don't agree with my dreams are you going to try to put me down? Now... think about how that would make you feel before you do it to someone else. I say if you're going to dream, dream big baby!

Also, who would I be to judge someone else for working 50 hour weeks and having a child or two at the same time? I'm not going to judge. We all carve these paths our own way with our own choices and it's amazing to see how diverse our lives really are.
Sometimes I sit and watch traffic and fascinate over how I know absolutely nothing about the people driving by. I don't know if they have children or grandchildren. I don't know if they have a family crisis going on or if they are about to leave for an awesome two week long vacation. I don't know what they have been through to any degree at all. I just know what they look like and I could never form a judgement from that now could I? Yet people do it everyday.

I don't smoke that green stuff but I'm not going to judge others for it. I'm not going to judge the alcoholic or the recovering drug addict. I am not going to judge the people around me because it is not my place and frankly I don't need the drama!  So the person next to you in the store might like to smoke pot. Does it affect you? What? No, it doesn't, that's right. Good job. So why would you care?

The next time you want to lift up your phone and gab about someone doing something. Please.... contemplate if it is really worth the occupying of your time. To waste an hour of your time on someone else's way of life is generally looked at as pathetic. No one likes it and I'll be that not many people like you either. Drama pusher!

Please note that I am NOT singling out anyone in this post I'm just blogging some thoughts. If you think this post is about you... it's not lol. Really. Generalization of a common problem is my only aim.
"You probably think this BLOG is about you, don't you? You're soooo vain!" 

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