Thursday, September 1, 2011

Diet & Exercise Blog #1

Exercise is crucial... but why do I hate it so!?

Probably because it bores me; it's not fun. Kickboxing is intriguing though.
I have been wanting to do kickboxing for some time now and in the process of my desire I've developed one issue or another to prevent this. Currently... I have no where to take up such a hobby and I would like to get some medical care for the carpal tunnel I have developed over the past year. I know I know KICKboxing right?
Well if I'm working out my legs I want to work out my upper body at the same time. Currently on a bad day I can't even manage to lift a coffee mug. Ouuuch! "Doctor doctor, gimme the news!".
Of course the nasty fall I had in the spring that was inflicted by trying to speed jump a baby gate didn't help at all and I have the scar to prove it. The fall last winter on ice was a pretty bad one too. Clumsy me!

I have a small build but I've been told that I've got a muscular build. I have to say I believe this is true. Also, what I don't have in breasts is compensated for in muscle boo-yah! So just TAKE THAT genetics! haha.
I was going to the gym a couple years ago and my results were amazing. Staying motivated is the hard part and personally I don't like being around people, any people really they make eye contact sometimes and I'm afraid they might be trying to peer into my soul. Ok maybe not my soul but the public "eye" makes me nervous. So working out at home needs to start again. In moderation I guess because my hands rule my life and they hate me.

Vitamins and Supplements
I take gummy children's multivitamins because they taste delicious! If it tastes good I remember to take it which is like a two birds with one stone situation in my eyes.
Supplements I currently have but am not taking include: fish oil, B6, iron, and vitamin C. I will be looking into magnesium because I'm fairly certain I have a deficiency. Follow the link provided to see symptoms if you're interested in checking it out yourself. is a wonderful website they have so much information and many tools to use to your advantage!

So we'll see if some magnesium helps with my situation. I must keep in mind that birth control blocks the body's ability to absorb magnesium. Which could be my entire issue right there. We'll try the magnesium supplement first and if there is no improvement I will be speaking with my doctor about other options. Keeping you updated is what I plan to do!
I will be starting to take my supplements again today. September first is as good a day as any!

Weighing in: 
Maybe I shouldn't but I'll do it anyway... I want to keep track of all my changes.
I'm 5'2 @ 111 pounds as of 8/31/2011.
Weight is just a number but it's one I battle with even when I'm considered to be in the OK/average/normal range.
My goal with my weight is to drop some more pounds... and then tone up. Which will mean that I'm going to gain weight back but it will be healthy weight in the form of muscles. I am not comfortable with gaining muscle unless my body is in the form I want it to be in first. Ya follow? I have about another month I'm guessing before I'll go into this next phase which will give me time to see how the supplements are affecting me.

Diet... what diet?

Simply put my diet stinks. Not because I eat junk food but because I don't eat enough of anything. This is something that I will try to work on. First I need to find foods that I enjoy. I do love me some fruit. My diet basically consists of granola bars, fruits, cheese (only dairy that is nice to me), coffee, pepsi, and uhh... that's about it. Terrible I know but I have this mental block going on and if I don't LOVE it I don't eat it. I will try harder to find more foods that I love!
Here is my starting point photo. 

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  1. I really like this post! Its just soooo true! I mean the not being able to stay motivated at home... I try so hard to keep to a regular excirse routine but it just seems to "get in the way" so I stop and start and stop, ect ect!

    Oh and by the way I think you look FIT girl :)