Saturday, April 28, 2012

Foodie Vs. Children

I am a foodie, as in I LOVE food (not as in I am a food snob and always buy super expensive stuff like an idiot).
I love vegetables (aside from peas unless they are fresh picked and crunchy then I will eat them) and fruits. I really like seafood basically any way it can be cooked tough I have never tried octopus ... I may just leave that one alone. I like a juicy steak from time to time and I tolerate chicken when it is delicious. I will however eat turkey any day of the week. Turkey and I have a "thing" if ya know what I'm sayin' *wink wink*. I like wheat bread and making things from scratch. I think it gives food the taste of "home" if you can wrap your head around that.
I have basically been like this my entire life (I was a kid you wanted to see sitting at a dining room table because there was no way to fail! But when I was a kid in addition to peas as a dislike I also didn't like carrots or sweet potatoes. Both of which I like now. For me.. it is easier to remember the foods I do not like than it is to remember the foods I love because there are sooooooo many foods out there to be crazy about!

Now... why is this Foodie Vs. children? My kids do not like anything! Well... they all like different things. But they never all like the same thing during the same week. Two of three like macaroni and cheese, one of three really enjoys eating chicken.
Lets do a basic run down:

Meatloaf and Baked Potatoes - They generally hate my meatloaf and I have no idea why! Potatoes are a maybe.
Shrimp Alfredo - Kids don't like shrimp.
Baked Chicken and Green Beans - They don't like to chew chicken? Gavin doesn't like poultry in general most of the time and complains about the green beans.
Fish and Rice with Broccoli - Eww x3 + messy + DO I HAVE TO EAT THE BROCCOLI!?x2
Chicken Fajitas  - God forbid you put a cooked pepper in front of them. They get totally grossed out.
Chicken Feta w/ Peppers and Mushrooms over Pasta - they eat the pasta and cheese... yeah...

Shall we go on??

Roast with Potatoes, Carrots, and Cabbage - They actually do pretty well with this if you hold the carrots and cabbage.
Hamburger Gravy and Mashed Potatoes-  one of them dislikes this... can't remember which one.
Lasagna - Everyone likes it but it's one of those things you don't like to make all the time.

It is seriously frustrating when you have such a love for food and your children do not seem to like anything you try to put in front of them.
I served up some baked chicken tonight. It was parmesan and cracker crumb encrusted and delicious. One liked it. Two kids ate toast. I served no sides because I know how this story goes... I pick it out of the carpet off the chairs and try not to explode while doing so. Seriously, when did times change so much that kids don't eat food anymore?
I don't think it is wise to sneak-feed your kids the foods they need to be eating, like vegetables into mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese. They need to be taught what good foods really are and what they should be eating and what they shouldn't be eating. Like sneaking into my bedroom after dinner because you're hungry and want to stuff your faces with easter candy... not a good idea.

At least they don't eat like they do because that's what they see daddy doing. 
Chicken breasts, yellow squash, and ranch flavored red skin potatoes 
& zucchini bread going in the oven!

What do I do? This is what I have planned for dinner tomorrow 
( I think this picture was from Christmas)

I just want my children to be healthy and strong and full in their little bellies! And maybe even appreciate food to some kind of extent. I don't think this is too much to ask of them.

Most likely they just look at me like this... 
and how can anyone try to force feed a kid this freakin' cute!? 
Yep they make me crazy... and I can't help but love them anyway even with their poor taste in food. Geez! What is this motherhood stuff all about anyway!? lol 

Until next time I'll be walking around in circles in the kitchen trying to toss meals together everyone will like at the same time... Pizza anyone? 

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