Saturday, April 21, 2012

Clutter and Moving

I have found myself longing for organization in our home but in the middle of prepping for a big move I don't seem to know where to begin. 

I guess I could get all the "extras" (you know, the things that are not going to be needed until after we get moved) packed up in the house and then organize what is left. This is so conflicting. Also, not knowing where to begin has me sitting in the living room drinking coffee thinking... *oh my... I don't know what to do... nothing? Nothing sounds good. MMM coffee, ooh Pinterest.* This is a naughty little cycle I fear.

So yeah, the extras is where I will start. Pack up the extras in one room, clean it. Move to the next? Kids rooms are done... I'm not sure if that is a dent or not in the grand scheme of things. But... the living room is getting there and then I will move into my bedroom and attack... after that, maybe the rain will be gone and I can get back to packing, sorting, and organizing in the garage.

Have a lovely weekend! 

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