Sunday, April 8, 2012

Neurotic and Crunchy!!! Look out!

I am fast realizing that I have been lecturing people lately. I have been neurotic about making the people I love and care about live healthier lives! Like completely off my rocker on the inside screaming and throwing things but on the outside calmly explaining facts and information. So many people simply do not care about themselves. Sometimes I feel like my words go disrespected and without regard.
Crunchy is a term used to describe a person, action, or lifestyle that is more "natural" or hippie-like. I believe this started because an all natural diet is very crunchy literally, think of a fresh picked apple, bell pepper, carrot, or nuts.
I have been looking up ways to make more things from scratch or almost scratch.

Today I made a coffee body scrub (here is the recipe I used) and in the past week I have been taking down ideas and recipes. I also made homemade toothpaste a few days ago that has been pretty awesome. I am having some problems keeping all of my lists organized. I am considering starting a filing system, yes seriously. I can't hold them all in my head so maybe all my lists and ingredients need to get organized and sorted into the filing cabinet. Who knows!

Note: I started this yesterday... and before it gets closed out and forgotten again.. I'm posting it. :)

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