Friday, April 6, 2012

Coupons or Homemade Savings

I was in the kitchen looking around when I saw some coupons on the counter for Burger King. We wouldn't even have these junk food coupons but they have coupons for a free small fruit smoothie and a free small frappe.  I am a sucker for ice cold coffee drinks and my smoothie making habits at home have become pretty darn regular!
Anyyyyway, I was thinking about putting the coupons into the file cabinet with my other random coupons. I decided against it. They'll never get used if I do that, just like all the other coupons in there.
Then I got to thinking about those people who are crazy, er uh "extreme" couponers. I don't think I would want to spend that much time sifting through ads, newspapers, clipping coupons and comparing them to store prices and fliers. Then planning out a special shopping trip so I could save money on items I wouldn't buy on a regular basis.  I gotta hand it to anyone who is a devoted coupon clipper, you have more motivation than I do.

I wouldn't mind finding coupons for razors, windex, or even yogurt. Maybe I just need to investigate this coupon craze a bit further before I completely rule it out as a way to save money.

I don't know who my frequent readers are(if I have any), but if you coupon what are your coupon sources? Best places to shop?

My concern is that I am trying to start living a more natural lifestyle with my family. More homemade goodness less processed foods in our diets. Couponing generally promotes buying ridiculously artificial items, from what I have seen at least.
At what point is couponing worth it? Is couponing more financially rewarding than making homemade items? Which costs more time?

Personally I feel like I would rather take my time and turn it into homemade goodness not a bunch of coupons organized into pockets based on type and expiration date. Who knows...
Suggestions my friends? 

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