Friday, May 25, 2012

Sensitivities Detected

As long as I stay away from gluten I feel fine. Great in fact. This seriously makes me wonder what my kids are in store for if they take after me.

At least I know to be aware of these things. I know to watch and pay attention.

I ate a hot dog (eww I know but it had melty cheese and it was so tempting) on a bun. And about 3 hours later my hips and knees are aching.
A few days ago I had two chili cheese dogs. I limped around for hours maybe even the entire day. I ACHE soooo bad when I eat this stuff. Since starting my diet and then testing it by eating bread products and such that contain gluten I am so much more in tune with my body and how it reacts.

It really is not that hard to eat gluten free. Think of it this way, eat meat... no breading or fillers(hot dogs probably are NOT a good idea). Even commercial spaghetti sauce contains wheat... I just found this out tonight at my friend Jessy's house.
Ok, so eat meat, eat dairy (Note: many people with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease have a lactose intolerance as well), eat fruits, vegetables, eat brown rice(it is so good for you), don't forget beans! Potatoes are awesome as well. Some stores sell rice flour so you can make your own flour products like, cakes, breads, biscuits. I have yet to try this but the flour is waiting for me when I am ready! I used it to make a rue for a cream sauce for my gluten free pasta.

I think that perhaps after we get moved and settled I will really kick my butt into gear on an entirely new blog dedicated to diet stuff.

Until next time...

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