Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chore System Part 1

I have been working on a little project that's been days in the making. 

Now I am in the action stages! 
Here, I'll show you.... 
 Old worn out dry erase board that I have had for years that was given to me by a friend who got it along side the curb for trash pick up. Yet again being UPcycled! I love it! Well I really don't like it because it doesn't work so well anymore. So, it has become.... a chalkboard as of today....
While it is not finished and this is a slightly wet chalk board photo... with sloppy edges because I didn't feel like buying tape... it is in the middle stages now and look forward to seeing a paint trim or fabric trim in upcoming photos. YAY! Excited!
[I managed to get paint on my leg and in my hair. Special! haha] 

The entire point of this you ask? 

Oh yes... there it is... 

You see, it is a magnetic dry erase board, and the chalkboard paint was just a pretty after thought (old marks stained the board permanently). 
I am using cardstock backed with magnets for kids chores and basic things they need to do, remember, and live by. The dry erase board turned chalkboard will be sectioned off and each of my children will be assigned   specific chores each day.

I don't yet know how I will designate rewards. But I have those lists made up for each child and waiting to go to the printer. 

A lot of the chores and things I have waiting to be cut and magnetized are things that will be learning experiences for my older two children. 

I have been, thus far, the kind of mother who just does everything possible for my children because I don't realize that they are growing up and able to do some things on their own now. I know that my oldest child has the ability to learn how to make himself a simple snack and he's been helping me with taking out the trash and recycling.
But it is now my turn to say something like, "Hey kids, this is what I am asking you to do, and I will ask you to do this on a regular basis and you will be praised for your help and hard work and you will earn rewards. However, you will not do these chores because you are bribed and you will not be given money for your chores or candy. Rewards will not be held over your head as an incentive. This is called being a family and being actively involved. If you want to work as a team so we can have fun and do activities and make memories lets get to work!" 

Some of my "chores" are more like fun things and making sure that each child can say "Ok, it's my turn to use my purple card!". Purple = attention cards(although it looks pink in the picture).

The ones on the speckled tan colored cardstock are morals and rules. They will be on the fridge unless one child is in need of a reminder then it will get put under that kid's regular chores. I can think of one child who needs to really work on the "no begging" rule. 

I will be posting some printables once I figure out how to do that. 

Will be posting back here again with Part 2!     

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