Thursday, October 18, 2012

Confessions & Thoughts of a Guilty Meat Eater

Today I was disturbed by a photo of some animals. First they were all happy in green grass. Cows, Chicks, Pigs. Followed by the reality of what their living conditions are really like. Ending with photos of mass slaughtering.

I have issues with meat and I try my hardest not to think about it, where it comes from, and the truth of what makes Jello, Jello.
I am speaking from a place where if I am standing in the grocery store with my last $20 bill. I would get vegetables, fruits, and grains. A man would probably buy meat and at the price of meat... wouldn't have very much food to eat over the next couple of days.
So now what I am saying is that the economy is pretty harsh and with the cost of food you would think that more people would eat less meat than they do. But that's not the case it seems. I can see that people would eat more fatty cuts of meat that are less expensive. You know, fatty red meat that is more likely to clog arteries, contribute to obesity, and lead to cancer. Regular ground beef is the cheapest kind of meat you can come across. But did you know that they add chemicals to your meat because its filthy? Because if they don't then the instances of meat related sickness would be far more frequent.

I eat meat. I don't like that I eat it but I do. I would eat less but this gluten free stuff is kinda hard on me so I've been chowing down on chickens a lot. I guess this could be something I would like to do less of in the future. Maybe it will be a goal?
I did the whole vegetarian thing a while back... a year ago actually and I felt amazing but was not entirely convinced it was a good idea.

I guess the point of this post, is that when I allow myself to think about it eating meat makes me feel bad, sad, and guilty.
How can something that makes you feel so badly be good for you? I'm trying to sift through this one.

Do you think about where your food comes from? Do you feel any certain way about it? 

Those "Two Chicks In A Hot Tub" were neglected by my tummy... the chest cavity was tiny tiny small... like abused obese chickens would be. 

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