Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chore System Part 2

Hello! I am back with more on this chore system I have been working on!

Dry erase board into chalkboard, and chores organized color coded, and printed onto cardstock.
Here is Part One if you missed it.

Part Two!

I carefully cut out all of my chores and I put sticky magnets onto the backs.
For now they are hanging out on the refrigerator because the board is not ready for use until tomorrow.

Now I will be working on how rewards will work. And I still need to paint the frame of the chore board.

Part 3!

I also need to make some more soap, but that's totally unrelated. :)
So are the following photos! My kids and I made a tissue paper pumpkin. It's pretty cool.

 It's Pumpkin time again!!!!

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