Friday, March 30, 2012

Religious Freedom?

As I sit and sift through pins on pinterest I realize that there are a lot of Christians who I "follow" and who post about their religion. Quotes, phrases, paintings, and the like are posted for all to read. 

This got me thinking. What happens if I post various religious quotes and tidbits from my religious beliefs? Would they suddenly reject the idea of even looking at all the cool crafty things, kids stuff, and recipes that I pin? Really though. I want to know what is wrong in a society where Christians can shout their beliefs from the hill tops but anyone else feels like they have to sensor what they say and do in public just so that we are not judged and ridiculed by these Christian people; these god fearing Christian people, these people who know it is a sin to judge others according to their religious beliefs but go on and do it anyway. We hide to protect ourselves from being attacked and judged. We hide to maintain our way of life, the way of life that includes retarding our personalities and censoring any kind of verbal debate with other people. When we are asked to pray for someone we do, in our own way and would you look down upon how we do so? Or who we ask for help? Would you say "never mind" if you knew? 

To any Christians who may be reading this, I respect your beliefs. I have also taken the time to understand them and learn about them. It will not be until you take the time to understand and learn my beliefs that you can say that you respect them. How can you respect something you do not understand? Most people do not understand and this is upsetting. 

The next time you post, link, or quote your religion ask yourself if you would be comfortable with someone of a different religious path doing the same.
~Rae~ here to give you something to think about 

Religious Symbols

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Homemade Toothpaste!

For some strange reason I did an internet search for "homemade toothpaste". I read through a couple and knowing I had most of the supplies on hand... I gathered them up and mashed and mixed and got myself some homemade chemical free toothpaste.
Which feels pretty freaking awesome(emotionally). When my boyfriend wakes up tomorrow after he gets his "nap" in between his doubles at work he'll ask me, "How was your night?". I'll say "It was good, I made toothpaste." And he'll most likely parrot back, "Toothpaste?". Then I will give him the list of ingredients which is soooooooo short and he'll think I'm crazy. I live for the moments when I can say totally unexpected things to this man and watch his reactions. It really is a major highlight in my life. 

Ok enough with the mush, onto the How To. Coconut oil, baking soda, and a minty flavor of essential oils that's all. Equal parts coconut oil and baking soda(I went with 1tsp each because I have no flavoring oils and just wanted to do a sampler) and enough drops to get a decent clean taste with the essential oils. I used mine flavor free which was not enjoyable but totally awesome anyway. Note: I did not create this recipe but I did use the recipes at this blog to come up with the one I used. Crunchy Betty - Toothpaste

I am pretty sure that after only one brushing the stains on my teeth are a little bit lighter. I did not by any means expect that! But I plan to get my minty oils fast. I may... even share a before and after picture of my stained teeth if the progress continues. Which means I need to take a picture tonight.
My teeth are a HUGE insecurity of mine. So... this one is up in the air until further notice!

I found another recipe here I plan to use very soon as it looks amazing. This blogger also provides amazing information about toothpaste bought in stores check it out and educate yourself.

Happy Brushing! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Official....

My computer and my cell phone have vaginas... and they are competing with each other for the Craziest Electronic Award!

Uploading pictures seems to be a freaking NIGHTMARE and I will be retiring my cell phone when it comes to picture taking! I am sitting here with triples and quadruples of one picture in different sizes. Then you add in the screen shot of EVERY web page I have ever visited on my cell phone(for the past year because I was secretly dreading uploading all this to my computer... so a year later with 6,000 + images... I sit here), plus pictures of famous people, movies, etc... I don't know what is going on... But I'm not going to plug this memory card into my computer... ever, ever, EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!


Decluttering Everything: Toss, Donate, or Label it!

We're looking at moving soon, I will disclose more information later.

I have decided it is time to sort, toss, donate, and label everything that we have! Trust me I have a lot of stuff! I kind of acquire things and swear up and down I will use it, that I need it, etc. But when it comes right down to it.. it's just something else I have packed away somewhere.

I have been working in the garage so far and I have found about a truck load of things that are being thrown away or have been thrown away (we're not renting a dumpster just cycling a few boxes/bags to the curb every week with the regular garbage). On top of that I have been able to come up with about half as much (or more) to donate or give to family. I found some really awesome toys for my two nephews.

On my "off the garage" days I will begin working on the inside of the house. I am thinking one room at a time. I want to throw away or give away everything we don't need or use. I don't want to pack clutter or excess things we really don't need. It's time to minimize everything and I'm ready!

So far... I have a fraction of things I have gone through set aside to take with us for the move. It's WONDERFUL being able to do this! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fitness Update

I have been running and watching my diet. Trying to eat more raw vegetables and drink more water.

My first day of running felt like my lungs were bleeding, no, TASTED like my lungs were bleeding. I was coughing and gagging on the air. The second day I ran was better. I ran the same distance with less pain, better breathing, and no gagging afterwards. :) Progress!

So I have not ran since. I think tomorrow will be my next run day before everyone is awake. But that's it until I get new shoes that don't hurt my feet so bad. The ones I have are just uncomfortable and I don't think that's a good thing. It certainly doesn't make me want to run.

I have also been working out using Zumba Rush for XBOX 360 Kinect. It is pretty intense but very fun and I can feel it working and it's enjoyable. Today was supposed to be Zumba day + squats & lunges. My "Just Do It" is broken. I was on my feet so much today that my legs are just exhausted! My "Just Do It" is not getting repaired tonight. Tomorrow is a new day. A new and possibly glorious day.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh, hello motivation, hello ice cream too! o_O

I thought about my butt and it's lack of firmness and concluded. "Butts are the hardest things to tone... all they want to do is hide behind you and eat remotes and crumbs in the sofa!"

My new lifestyle starts tomorrow, after my bowl of ice cream digests and before my kids wake up. Now, as long as my alarm doesn't fail me like it has been, everything will be good. :)

Better foods, more sleep, physical activity... and maybe just maybe I will feel confident about myself soon.

The following website has some good tips. I wrote some of them down for myself as little reminders.

Well... lets start with, more sleep! <3 night 

Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm incomplete without my Mini Rae!

My youngest of three children went to spend the night with my parents last night, for two nights. Lets do a little back ground. She is two, going on three this summer, and into EVERYTHING. I was told that she and I are exactly alike, in that we both wake up like we're ready to kill. After I thought about it and realized how true it was I was half amused and half worried about what mornings will be like when she is school age and I have to wake her up. Oh boy, then what about the teen years!? What if it never stops, what if I get worse. We'll be snarling at each other and I will be the ultimate hated mom of the century!

So, while I am supposed to be enjoying the break I cannot help but feel incomplete. I don't know if this is because she is so little and demanding and always pulling at my pant-leg and "mommy!" reverberates from her lips all day long. Or if this is because she has not been away from me except once or twice before this. I feel like this with my older two children as well. But with them being older, I have gone through a few more over night trips (and have adjusted) since I remember it feeling this strong.

I have vowed to do things that I cannot do with ease with my toddler being next to me or hanging off of me. That goes for her big sister too as she just informed me, "I'm going to watch Strawberry Shortcake because Arayla won't bother me". There is some kind of magic in a two year old. She know's that everyone in the house will eventually give in to what she wants. This is especially true if she blinks her eyes real slow, tips her head to the side, and sticks her bottom lip out a little bit further.

So, yesterday the two big children and I went to the Dollar Tree store after dropping off their baby sister. Today Cam and I are going to go grocery shopping and then when Gav gets home we'll be going to rent some movies. I'm also seeing myself doing some kind of crafty something for myself. Something that I won't have to put up right away.

Anyways, my point in writing this is because I feel like having a break from my child is more like having a limb removed because I'm so incomplete without all of my children home with me.

Friday, March 2, 2012


I am becoming more and more productive the past couple of days. It's feeling pretty good.

I made an improvised blueberry breakfast cake which is in the oven as I type and that's before 10:00 am. Which is very rare. Although maybe this just has something to do with the completely spotless kitchen I created yesterday. :)

The rest of the day will be including cleaning, laundry, some more organizing, school work with my 5 year old, flash cards with my 2 (and a half) year old, and then  my 7 year old will come home from school and tell me all about celebrating Dr. Seuss's Birthday (or was it The Cat in the Hat's birthday??). Then hopefully I will be talking all three of my kids into watching one of mommy's dorky movies. You know, the kind that makes them roll their eyes. Well, I'm sorry, I have a strong love for the Harry Potter movies what can I say?

I'm starting to feel like I am getting close to a point where all my creativity is going to come flying out in all directions. Like, I'm feeling closer to being able to just pick up some fabric and make something. It's pretty refreshing to feel it creeping into my life. I think it might be like the kitchen... clean it, organize it, make it a happy space, then I'll actually feel like I can use it.

So I think that's where I'll be focusing for a while.

--Side Note: I really need to start including photos in my posts.--

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thinking Ahead for the Ultimate Fiesta!

We decided that we would be rolling the kids parties all into one this year. We still plan on doing our own special things with them on their birthday or the weekends closest to their birthdays, just for our family.

So since I'm planning a 3 in 1 party I want to really jazz it up and make it awesome for them and something that our guests will really enjoy. So we are doing a fiesta theme! Equipped with a taco bar, brightly colored decorations, a pinata, and I'm going to look up some fitting music to play through the party. 

Yes, I know it is only the first of March and our party will not be until August. But I want to plan this properly so that it all goes very well. Therefore, here I am confessing to being a neurotic mother! *_* Blame it on my excited-perfectionist inner child!