Friday, March 2, 2012


I am becoming more and more productive the past couple of days. It's feeling pretty good.

I made an improvised blueberry breakfast cake which is in the oven as I type and that's before 10:00 am. Which is very rare. Although maybe this just has something to do with the completely spotless kitchen I created yesterday. :)

The rest of the day will be including cleaning, laundry, some more organizing, school work with my 5 year old, flash cards with my 2 (and a half) year old, and then  my 7 year old will come home from school and tell me all about celebrating Dr. Seuss's Birthday (or was it The Cat in the Hat's birthday??). Then hopefully I will be talking all three of my kids into watching one of mommy's dorky movies. You know, the kind that makes them roll their eyes. Well, I'm sorry, I have a strong love for the Harry Potter movies what can I say?

I'm starting to feel like I am getting close to a point where all my creativity is going to come flying out in all directions. Like, I'm feeling closer to being able to just pick up some fabric and make something. It's pretty refreshing to feel it creeping into my life. I think it might be like the kitchen... clean it, organize it, make it a happy space, then I'll actually feel like I can use it.

So I think that's where I'll be focusing for a while.

--Side Note: I really need to start including photos in my posts.--

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