Thursday, March 29, 2012

Homemade Toothpaste!

For some strange reason I did an internet search for "homemade toothpaste". I read through a couple and knowing I had most of the supplies on hand... I gathered them up and mashed and mixed and got myself some homemade chemical free toothpaste.
Which feels pretty freaking awesome(emotionally). When my boyfriend wakes up tomorrow after he gets his "nap" in between his doubles at work he'll ask me, "How was your night?". I'll say "It was good, I made toothpaste." And he'll most likely parrot back, "Toothpaste?". Then I will give him the list of ingredients which is soooooooo short and he'll think I'm crazy. I live for the moments when I can say totally unexpected things to this man and watch his reactions. It really is a major highlight in my life. 

Ok enough with the mush, onto the How To. Coconut oil, baking soda, and a minty flavor of essential oils that's all. Equal parts coconut oil and baking soda(I went with 1tsp each because I have no flavoring oils and just wanted to do a sampler) and enough drops to get a decent clean taste with the essential oils. I used mine flavor free which was not enjoyable but totally awesome anyway. Note: I did not create this recipe but I did use the recipes at this blog to come up with the one I used. Crunchy Betty - Toothpaste

I am pretty sure that after only one brushing the stains on my teeth are a little bit lighter. I did not by any means expect that! But I plan to get my minty oils fast. I may... even share a before and after picture of my stained teeth if the progress continues. Which means I need to take a picture tonight.
My teeth are a HUGE insecurity of mine. So... this one is up in the air until further notice!

I found another recipe here I plan to use very soon as it looks amazing. This blogger also provides amazing information about toothpaste bought in stores check it out and educate yourself.

Happy Brushing! 

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