Friday, March 23, 2012

Decluttering Everything: Toss, Donate, or Label it!

We're looking at moving soon, I will disclose more information later.

I have decided it is time to sort, toss, donate, and label everything that we have! Trust me I have a lot of stuff! I kind of acquire things and swear up and down I will use it, that I need it, etc. But when it comes right down to it.. it's just something else I have packed away somewhere.

I have been working in the garage so far and I have found about a truck load of things that are being thrown away or have been thrown away (we're not renting a dumpster just cycling a few boxes/bags to the curb every week with the regular garbage). On top of that I have been able to come up with about half as much (or more) to donate or give to family. I found some really awesome toys for my two nephews.

On my "off the garage" days I will begin working on the inside of the house. I am thinking one room at a time. I want to throw away or give away everything we don't need or use. I don't want to pack clutter or excess things we really don't need. It's time to minimize everything and I'm ready!

So far... I have a fraction of things I have gone through set aside to take with us for the move. It's WONDERFUL being able to do this! 

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