Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fitness Update

I have been running and watching my diet. Trying to eat more raw vegetables and drink more water.

My first day of running felt like my lungs were bleeding, no, TASTED like my lungs were bleeding. I was coughing and gagging on the air. The second day I ran was better. I ran the same distance with less pain, better breathing, and no gagging afterwards. :) Progress!

So I have not ran since. I think tomorrow will be my next run day before everyone is awake. But that's it until I get new shoes that don't hurt my feet so bad. The ones I have are just uncomfortable and I don't think that's a good thing. It certainly doesn't make me want to run.

I have also been working out using Zumba Rush for XBOX 360 Kinect. It is pretty intense but very fun and I can feel it working and it's enjoyable. Today was supposed to be Zumba day + squats & lunges. My "Just Do It" is broken. I was on my feet so much today that my legs are just exhausted! My "Just Do It" is not getting repaired tonight. Tomorrow is a new day. A new and possibly glorious day.

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