Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm incomplete without my Mini Rae!

My youngest of three children went to spend the night with my parents last night, for two nights. Lets do a little back ground. She is two, going on three this summer, and into EVERYTHING. I was told that she and I are exactly alike, in that we both wake up like we're ready to kill. After I thought about it and realized how true it was I was half amused and half worried about what mornings will be like when she is school age and I have to wake her up. Oh boy, then what about the teen years!? What if it never stops, what if I get worse. We'll be snarling at each other and I will be the ultimate hated mom of the century!

So, while I am supposed to be enjoying the break I cannot help but feel incomplete. I don't know if this is because she is so little and demanding and always pulling at my pant-leg and "mommy!" reverberates from her lips all day long. Or if this is because she has not been away from me except once or twice before this. I feel like this with my older two children as well. But with them being older, I have gone through a few more over night trips (and have adjusted) since I remember it feeling this strong.

I have vowed to do things that I cannot do with ease with my toddler being next to me or hanging off of me. That goes for her big sister too as she just informed me, "I'm going to watch Strawberry Shortcake because Arayla won't bother me". There is some kind of magic in a two year old. She know's that everyone in the house will eventually give in to what she wants. This is especially true if she blinks her eyes real slow, tips her head to the side, and sticks her bottom lip out a little bit further.

So, yesterday the two big children and I went to the Dollar Tree store after dropping off their baby sister. Today Cam and I are going to go grocery shopping and then when Gav gets home we'll be going to rent some movies. I'm also seeing myself doing some kind of crafty something for myself. Something that I won't have to put up right away.

Anyways, my point in writing this is because I feel like having a break from my child is more like having a limb removed because I'm so incomplete without all of my children home with me.

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