Friday, March 30, 2012

Religious Freedom?

As I sit and sift through pins on pinterest I realize that there are a lot of Christians who I "follow" and who post about their religion. Quotes, phrases, paintings, and the like are posted for all to read. 

This got me thinking. What happens if I post various religious quotes and tidbits from my religious beliefs? Would they suddenly reject the idea of even looking at all the cool crafty things, kids stuff, and recipes that I pin? Really though. I want to know what is wrong in a society where Christians can shout their beliefs from the hill tops but anyone else feels like they have to sensor what they say and do in public just so that we are not judged and ridiculed by these Christian people; these god fearing Christian people, these people who know it is a sin to judge others according to their religious beliefs but go on and do it anyway. We hide to protect ourselves from being attacked and judged. We hide to maintain our way of life, the way of life that includes retarding our personalities and censoring any kind of verbal debate with other people. When we are asked to pray for someone we do, in our own way and would you look down upon how we do so? Or who we ask for help? Would you say "never mind" if you knew? 

To any Christians who may be reading this, I respect your beliefs. I have also taken the time to understand them and learn about them. It will not be until you take the time to understand and learn my beliefs that you can say that you respect them. How can you respect something you do not understand? Most people do not understand and this is upsetting. 

The next time you post, link, or quote your religion ask yourself if you would be comfortable with someone of a different religious path doing the same.
~Rae~ here to give you something to think about 

Religious Symbols


  1. I really like this... I bought myself a new necklace yesterday, it's the first time in almost 10 years that I've worn a necklace that really STATES my religious beliefs, its a gorgeous silver quarter moon holding a small pentacle between its tips on a black cord... I fell in love with it when I saw it yesterday, but I've been a bit self conscious of wearing it today because I've been out and about running errands... I've never had anyone give me any flack for my beliefs (minus the door to door bible salesmen lol) but I dunno, I still fear that even though I live in a VERY openminded community (many of whom are Pagan themselves) I will somehow be singled out and made to feel less than who I am because of it. ~Jess

    1. Thank you for your comment! :)
      I found a beautiful necklace with a pentacle to the side of a tree of life. Beautiful! I find myself very drawn to the tree of life and I plan on getting a necklace someday but I have to find the right one. I really love labradorite in jewelry.

      People here don't seem to be open to much. Unless I am standing too far on the outside looking in to see they may be more understanding than they seem. I feel safer not talking about my beliefs but that doesn't give me the opportunity to meet anyone else like myself.