Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thinking Ahead for the Ultimate Fiesta!

We decided that we would be rolling the kids parties all into one this year. We still plan on doing our own special things with them on their birthday or the weekends closest to their birthdays, just for our family.

So since I'm planning a 3 in 1 party I want to really jazz it up and make it awesome for them and something that our guests will really enjoy. So we are doing a fiesta theme! Equipped with a taco bar, brightly colored decorations, a pinata, and I'm going to look up some fitting music to play through the party. 

Yes, I know it is only the first of March and our party will not be until August. But I want to plan this properly so that it all goes very well. Therefore, here I am confessing to being a neurotic mother! *_* Blame it on my excited-perfectionist inner child! 

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